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Retirement Planning

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At Collegiate Benefit, we believe that education is the best investment you can make. We are passionate about helping families prepare, plan, and finance their education. Our team has decades of experience in college admissions and financial aid, and we're committed to providing our clients with the highest level of guidance. We believe that education is a wealth transfer and we're dedicated to helping every student achieve their goals.

What We


College Planning

what you like to earn tuition rewards from 500 participating private colleges and universities? we can help you to earn maximum of $60,000 at no costs to you.


College Admissions

Our team of experienced counselors will assist you through every step of the college admissions process. We believe that everyone should have access to higher education and we strive to provide affordable solutions to finance your education. Whether you're just starting the process or need additional support, we're here to help you get into your dream school.


Employee Benefits

Looking for help with college admissions and financial aid?  We have extensive experience working with financial aid, scholarships and other forms of funding. Our employee benefit program offers benefits such as discounts and preferred services because we believe in providing a supportive and productive work environment.


FAFSA & CSS Profile

filing for financial aid offers you the ability to receive federal and institutional funds based on needs and your eligibility, we can teach you more than that


Retirement Planning

By providing expert advice and guidance, we help students and families understand the options available to them and make informed decisions. We also offer services that assist in understanding how to properly save for college expenses and retirement, so that you can focus on achieving your academic goals without jeopardizing your financial future.


Employer Benefits

We understand that paying for college can be a daunting task, and many students have to rely on loans to finance their education, leading to significant debt after graduation. At Collegiate Benefit, we offer a solution to that problem by partnering with employers to provide benefits that can cover tuition costs, earn tuition rewards, group college planning, and financial aid services etc. 

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