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Wang Financial Group provides students and parents the college planning tools and solutions

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Steps to College | Hero

Wang Financial Group is a premier college planning specialist with decades of track records
June Wang is the president and founder of Wang Financial Group

Presented by June Wang, Todd Fothergill, Cathy Copeland Titus

June Wang is a member of the NACAC and NJACAC who is highly specialized in college planning since 2006.

Wang Financial Group provides total solution with an affordable price to high school students and parents
If you have a high school student in their junior year, you may be thinking “Which colleges will accept my student?”and “How much will they cost?” 

We have the answers

Steps to College

Students Need A Hero

Question: Would you decline an opportunity to acquire a guaranteed tuition discount of $5,000 that could be redeemed at over 450 private US colleges simply by learning more about our online class? The $5,000 tuition discount is yours when you respond for more information about the Steps to College class. 

Wang Financial Group offers a team of expert in college planning with total solutions at an affordable price

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